Swan Meat

SWAN MEAT is a producer, composer, +  practicing audio engineer, currently based in Cologne, Germany. Her previous releases include 2016’s BOUNTY EP (Permalnk), 2017’s Knife Splits Ice EP, produced in collaboration w/ Yoshitaka Hikawa (Apothecary), and the self-released ‚Lathe of Heaven‘ mini-EP, as well as numerous singles and remixes. 

On her debut EP, ‚Bounty,‘ Swan Meat hinged her sonic world upon baby Metroids, spoken word and vomit. On her second official solo EP, TAME, the producer and composer writes themes for impossible boss battles, paeans to imaginary neon bullet hell games in the last-ever arcade on earth, and waltzes for insects. Both wholly original and unabashedly in love with its 8-bit and symphonic influences, TAME features tremendous MIDI orchestra arrangements, rolling/roiling taikos, vocaloid poetics, and original sound design equal parts ominous and crystalline.